Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater systems use sunshine to heat water in a house or a swimming pool. Solar swimming pool heating systems have the fastest repayment period and the lowest operating costs. Prior to purchasing a solar system evaluate your site for full southern exposure and no sun obstructions between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Obstructions during periods of strong sunshine, or any deviations from collectors facing straight south, will decrease solar water heater efficiency and prolong the repayment period.

The two most common types of solar water heater systems are direct and indirect. Indirect solar water heater systems use anti-freeze liquid and heat exchanger to transfer the heat from the collector to hot domestic water. Direct solar water heaters circulate water through the system that is used in the house. This type can be used only in frost-free locations, or it needs to be drained and winterized if used in colder climates. Solar hot water systems can be setup in a single tank or two tank configurations. The first tank holds the pre-heated water from the solar collectors and the second tank heats it to the desired temperature.


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