Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair is the most economical option to restore a hot water supply from newer water heaters as long as they do not leak due to a corroded storage tank. The most common issues with water heaters are: no hot water, bad smelling water, rust colored water, loud noises, and water leaks. When a sacrificial anode deteriorates, a corrosion of the tank occurs which causes rusty water coloring. Bacteria inside a water tank can cause the water to smell like rotten eggs. Flushing the tank with a hydrogen peroxide treatment should resolve this issue. Some water heater noises are normal when hot metal meets cold water due to the thermal expansion of tanks. Rumbling sounds can be caused by sediment in the tank. Loud popping or banging noises can be caused by excessive pressure. Hissing and whistling sounds can be caused by excessive pressure or a faulty heating element. There are many reasons why gas water and electric water heaters do not produce hot water. Diagnosing and repairing these issues should be left to licensed and competent plumbing professionals.


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